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What StrataMagnetic Software, LLC is about ...

We specialize in formation testing, rheology, MWD telemetry, electromagnetic analysis and reservoir engineering, and develop easy-to-use but powerful mathematical models for exploration and production. Our methods are rigorous, carefully validated and documented, and replace the often inaccurate "me too" products offered by competitors.

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Meet the developer, Wilson C. Chin, Ph.D., M.I.T. here or visit our topics below ...

  • Managed pressure drilling, plus annular flow modeling for drilling and cementing ... click here

  • High-data-rate MWD telemetry ... click here

  • Formation testing pressure transient interpretation ... click here

  • Electromagnetic modeling for modern triaxial tools (and beyond) ... click here

StrataMagnetic Software, LLC, is completely open about its technology. We'll answer all of your questions, e.g., theory, numerical modeling, lab and field validation, and software architecture, in all the detail you want.

And we'll address competitor strengths and limitations honestly. We've published papers, won patents, written books, developed test facilities and consulted with leading companies worldwide in multiple disciplines.

In particular ...

  • Managed pressure drilling. Our annular flow models, among the industry's most advanced, have contributed to Halliburton's OptiCem, to BakerHughes Inteq's Advantage, to Brown and Root's pipeline debris models, to Halliburton's new Displace 3D transient, multiphase, cement-spacer-mud simulation system, and others.

    These build upon work described in the books Borehole Flow Modeling in Horizontal, Deviated and Vertical Wells (Gulf Publishing, 1992) and Computational Rheology for Pipeline and Annular Flow (Elsevier, 2001).

    Importantly, significant improvements to all are now available to the petroleum community, funded by a key half-million dollar award from the United States Department of Energy during 2010-2011.

    Write today for your complimentary AADE drilling and cementing papers, product brochure, final DOE project report and fully functional fifteen (15) day trial software. Convert to a "registered license" at any time ... or call us to discuss your specific consulting and development needs.

  • Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD). Why are mud pulse data rates so low? High torque sirens, downhole and uphole wave cancellations, tool erosion and other problem areas are never discussed by oil service companies. Read about these in the industry's only book MWD Signal Analysis, Optimization and Design (E&P Press, 2011) on the subject.

    An early leader in wind tunnel analysis for MWD pulser design, Mr. Chin honed his skills at Schlumberger as Supervisor, MWD, patenting its non-jamming "stable-open, rotor downstream" siren, and later, as Manager, MWD FasTalk at Halliburton, patented innovative methods like signal enhancement by constructive interference and wave-equation-based multiple transducer signal processing.

    Mr. Chin pioneered wind tunnel usage at Schlumberger, went on to design short and long wind tunnel systems at Hallibuton, and more recently, led the overall R&D effort for high-data-rate MWD at China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in Beijing.

    Write today for your free AADE paper and Powerpoint describing the CNPC system. And right now, we're working with leading service companies to enhance their MWD products, increase low data rates and reduce high levels of erosion ... and importantly, at cost and time efficiencies they never thought possible!

    Whether you're an old hand at MWD or a newcomer breaking into this fast-paced arena, you need to talk to StrataMagnetic Software, LLC today. Arrange a "must see" presentation loaded with case studies, different downhole tools and hardware prototypes, numerous photographs and interesting movies today!

  • Formation testing. We developed Halliburton's pressure transient interpretation algorithms for permeability and anisotropy, and later, its transient multiphase job-planning models for cleanup and pressure analysis. They're commercial, and they're money makers.

    So what does one do for an encore? In 2005, we won two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the United States Department of Energy to extend our already powerful models. That's two out of approximately two hundred awards for all areas in energy research.

    Existing commercial models are notably inaccurate ... what's more, they're expensive and proprietary. Order our formation testing book for the complete story ... and better, use our state-of-the-art simulators to uncover formation evaluation information our competitors can't.

  • Three-dimensional electrodynamics. Thin-layered media, general dip angles, charge polarization at interfaces, metal mandrels, tilted transmitter and receiver coils, hole eccentricity and conductive mud.

    A modeling nightmare ... but yet, we published the first paper on the subject in China's Well Logging Technology journal back in 2000. The model, rigorous, fast and stable, ideally simulates modern triaxial induction tools in their grand complexity, and has been licensed to Geoservices, COSL and others.

    Write for our e/m publications today and learn more about our innovative math modeling and software platforms. As usual, we're open about our methods, and we'll work with you to develop the best simulators possible for tool design and interpretation.

Company updates ...

  • StrataMagnetic Software, LLC has won four enviable Small Business Innovation Research Award grants from the United States Department of Energy, each carrying a stipend of $100,000 USD! About two hundred are awarded annually, covering high risk research in nuclear physics, waste remediation, fuel cell development, fusion, and so on. All four awards covered important areas in modern well logging.

  • In 2009, the United States Department of Energy awarded us, through competitive bidding, a key half-million dollar contract for research and software development supporting "Managed Pressure Drilling." Read about our important breakthroughs on this website and how you can obtain our free software modeling system.

  • Electromagnetic Explorer, Version 2.0, our fully three-dimensional e/m simulator for large coils in layered media for any dip angle and frequency, with and without metal mandrels, has been licensed by Geoservices S.A. Paris, China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC), China Oilfield Services Ltd (COSL) and others. The model complements recent industry resistivity tool capabilities by its ability to "see" azimuthally as well as ahead, making it invaluable for modern geosteering and resistivity interpretation. Write us for complimentary copies of papers presented recently in China.

  • StrataMagnetic Software has completed "flow assurance" modeling for Kellogg Brown & Root, a leading pipeline and offshore contractor. Thought non-Newtonian flow in pipelines was tough to model? What about pipe cross-sections that shrink asymetrically due to wax buildup and hydrate formation? Coupled temperature dependencies? Transient flow in time-dependent geometries? Yes, the real world and its real complexities.

  • StrataMagnetic Software consults for companies newly entering the formation testing tool market. Technologies like those detailed in Formation Testing Pressure Transient and Contamination Analysis help to lower entry barriers to highly competitive markets ... a move which benefits customers.

    Now, whose dual probe tool is that below?

  • Since publishing our first book Borehole Flow Modeling in Horizontal, Deviated and Vertical Wells in 1992, our rheological models - many dealing with highly eccentric annuli with moving inner boundaries - have helped dozens of companies worldwide clean wells and pump cement more efficiently ... write for further details and trial software!

    And now, a major modeling breakthrough for cementing applications ... get ready! Cement displaces mud during cementing jobs, hopefully. The entire non-Newtonian transient flow process from drillpipe to highly eccentric annulus has been modeled for multiphase mixtures, for general pumping schedules, in the presence of axially reciprocating and rotating casing!.

    Important details like bypassed mixing zones, and transition thicknesses and formation times, can be predicted, using high resolution "boundary-conforming, curvilinear mesh systems" in our advanced finite difference methods. Our new DOE-funded models are faster and more accurate than the developer's prior models. Read about the new methods in four papers presented at the 2011 AADE annual conference in Houston ... write for complimentary reprints today!

  • Erosion got you down? It's the problem no oil service company talks about. Yet, it's there, like the family's dirty linens. StrataMagnetic Software, LLC has pioneered the use of wind tunnels (and dynamic similarity) in modeling and fixing erosion for a wide range of downhole tools. The developer applied these methods first at Schlumberger (write for SPE references), went on to develop key systems for Halliburton, then CNPC, and now other high tech companies in the oilpatch.

    Arrange your own in-house presentation now ... numerous "before and after" case studies, multiple hardware classes, metal and wood prototypes, and more photos and movies than you can imagine! We'll discuss your problems, design your wind tunnels and even help with your test plan.

  • And we've introduced a new energy focus in primary and secondary school education. Mr. Chin, Member, Board of Directors and Program Committee, Harris County Education Foundation, is also a curriculum developer and chief multimedia architect for Aldine Independent School District, Houston, the second largest school district in Texas. A worthy cause, since children are society's best asset ...

  • Finally, a great way to start off 2012. The developer and China National Petroleum Corporation have designed low-torque mud sirens for high-data-rate MWD transmission and also high signal strength telemetry methods taking advantage of constructive wave interference (the latter incurring no erosion or power penalties).

    Put the two together, "tweak" the system with inspiration, and you'll get 10 "real" bits/sec in deep wells without data compression ... a "game changing" proposition! And what's more ... our wave filters can remove desurger reflections and mudpump signatures from the noisiest signals ... we've processed information from S/N < 10% data streams.

    CNPC's continuous wave, mud pulse "siren" prototype ...

    Exciting news, for sure ... read about it in this website! Better off, write for our complimentary 2011 AADE paper today.

  • If you're wondering who's behind it all, meet Wilson C. Chin, Ph.D., M.I.T., who runs StrataMagnetic Software, now.

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