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Wilson C. Chin, Ph.D., M.I.T., is a well known petroleum scientist who has authored over one hundred papers, four dozen patents, and twenty books with John Wiley & Sons and Elsevier Scientific Publishing. His experience includes stints with leading international aerospace and oil companies before founding Stratamagnetic Software, LLC.

Mr. Chin’s researches have won five major awards with the United States Department of Energy and numerous development contracts with international operating and oil service companies.

In this highly personal memoir, he recounts his childhood as an immigrant Chinese laundryman’s son, his long academic journeys at Caltech and M.I.T., and his perspectives in Western companies both good and bad. And then, multiple layoffs in the oil industry, a painful divorce, the years when he would almost lose it all, plus the subtle discrimination that all Asians encounter in America. Through it all, the author is optimistic with life and his visions for the future.

Near death on a surgeon’s operating table, he solves his mid-life crisis on awakening from an unanticipated surgery. All thanks to a “cold enchilada.” Following his Father’s decades-old advice, the author resigns from a well-compensated industry position to begin life anew with his new found love – “A.G. Girl,” a young woman he had met completely by accident on a foreign trip he almost did not make. And yes, the Father left the Old Country for uncertain opportunities in America, but dies suddenly, never to return – and the Son, who had never set foot in China, “returns” to seek his fortune and redefine his future. And, it seems, he would live to fulfill his wildest expectations and dreams with the woman he loves. A universal story of caring, rebirth and discovery transcending time and cultural boundaries.

Anticipated publication, 2019.


Additional photos and captions in memoir. All book proceeds will be donated to charity.

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